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Gran Bar Italia

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Who we are

Born in the twenties in Piazza Carlo Goldoni, the "Gran Bar Italia" is one of the historic coffee-house of Trieste.

Gran Bar Italia changed over the years its services to satisfy the continuing evolution of the demand of its customers, always remained loyal, today introduces itself in its historical and conservative view with innovative solutions and services that are increasingly attentive to the needs of visitors.

Famous is the motto "GRAN BAR ITALIA never closes" because the coffee-house is open every day of the year from 6 to 24.
This is a reference point for all Trieste's citizens and for the foreign guests, that want to spend a part of the day in the true heart of the city.

Gran Bar Italia is located in a people flow square and is opened till the early hours of the morning.
You can have a good start of your day tasting prelibated cakes, brioches, cookies and the best blends of "Le Coloniali's" coffee; fast meals and fresh snacks are waiting someone to pass, to enjoy a quiet moment in the day break, in the beautiful setting of downtown.

At 6 pm is easy to find in the many initiatives that "Gran Bar Italia" offers. Attentive to the needs of young people and beyond, with appetizers and cocktails that come out from the standard and discover new frontiers in taste.
It 'also nice to sit and enjoy the many wines and spirits proposals, enjoying the comfort of the 100 outdoor seats available.

The services do not end there: you can find mobile phones recharge, bus tickets , the new slots and new Snai betting corner.

Can be arranged on request graduation parties, private and of any kind of theme parties.

Come and visit us you will certainly be welcome.

Giovanni Franchi
Chief Executive
tel. 328-4078839
e-mail: franchigiovanni@yahoo.it

Born in Trieste, May 26, 1982. After obtaing the diploma at the Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei (Trieste) in 2001; he joined the Faculty of Law, but without completing the degree course. In the meantime he devoted himself to many different jobs, mainly in trade.
Passionately about everything that could relate to the world "bar-restaurant," he built his experience in several local of Trieste.
Continuing, in the meantime, to seek what he called "LUCK", "good preparation meeting a good opportunity."
In January 2008, the lighting and July 13, 2008, together with other partners and associates, he began his management of "Gran Bar Italia".
From that day it is became his life, his home, his family; he has not missed a day and also when he leaves it, he never fails to give birth to new ideas and projects.
He is the true heart of "Gran Bar Italia".

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